Saturday, 29 October 2016

Some Ideas for Good Looking Gift Wrapping


Sending gift to the loved ones isn’t the only act of purchasing a gift and handing it over to your recipient. Making the gift presentable is equally important as selecting the gift. With that said, there is an effort required for wrapping the gift because you will need to keep in mind the type of gift you are packing and the personal attributes like mood, personality and preferences of the person you are sending gift to. Sometimes, it might get a little confusing to wrap the gift appropriately, especially if you see wrapping as a unified process. Nevertheless, you can break the process into phases to get explored options to make customizations on every phase.

What to use for gift wrapping?
Normally, the printed wrapping papers are used for the wrapping of rectangular gift boxes. To further garnish the gift, ribbons are used but this is the separate aspect. Since the rectangular gift boxes are most commonly used, there are wide options available in the form of wrapping designs you can choose from. Good news is that the printing work done on wrapping paper makes it very easy to distinguish what design can be used for what purpose.

To wrap cylindrical shaped gifts, fabric is one of the most appropriate wrapping options. Wrapping such objects involves too much folding and turning, which the wrapping paper might not be able to endure.

Making cartoon characters

If the recipient of your gift is a kid, you can decorate the wrapping material with printed cartoon characters. The wrapping papers with colorful cartoon characters are commonly available but using those papers doesn’t make your gift to look out of the ordinary. Instead, you can do a little DIY work to make these cartoon characters on different paper cuts and use different other items like ribbons and tissue papers to give those cut pieces a little texture. Now, attaching that texturized character on the gift’s front will surely raise the value of your gift. You may find the recipient loving your gift wrapping even more than the gift inside.

Baskets and bags
Sometimes, it isn’t required for the gift to be wrapped. Fabrics and dresses are usually not wrapped because wrapping can develop wrinkles on them. Hence, you need a gift bag if you want to gift the dress to your loved one.

Edibles, especially the bakery items, aren’t wrapped. The best way to make a gift of them is to use the gift basket. Gift baskets come in different shapes and designs. You can pick the appropriate one or you can follow the appropriate DIY guide available on the web to make a basket.

Boxes for Gifts
The ready gift boxes can be bought from the market and also by ordering online, but you can also consider the cheaper option, i.e. using the shipping boxes that you have received from Amazon or eBay. Since you will need to wrap the boxes anyway, it really doesn’t matter what box you are using as long as it is durable and possesses shape and size according to your need.